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Underworld: Blood Wars


It’s been 13 years since the first Underworld movie, and Kate Beckinsale is back at it, looking gorgeous. I don’t think her shiny black suit has changed at all. ¬†And, since I’m counting, she’s 43 years old. She looks amazing!

The film is nice, with some epic imagery and nice looking actors and costumes. The story is the same as always: vampires and werewolves are fighting each other, only they don’t call them werewolves, but lycans.

Theo James, the hot guy from the Divergent movies, is the leading man, and it seems like he’s being set-up to take over from Kate. Maybe after another movie. There’s the guy who played Arthur in the Merlin series (Bradley James – I kept wondering where I knew him from), Tyrion’s dad (Charles Dance) and the evil dude from Outlander (Tobias Menzies).

Underworld: Blood Wars

Evil dude is called Marius. Marius! “There’s never been someone like Marius before!” Try saying that with a straight face.

The surprising star here is Lara Pulver, playing an ancient vampire called Semira. She has the most amazing dresses, changes them for every scene (even my husband noticed) and has the Eva Green sexy look.

There’s not much left to say, Underworld is not some masterpiece of a film, but an action flick with hot people. Oscar season is coming, there are a lot of sad movies heading our way, so go see the pretty vampires. They even have snow for the season. Enjoy!