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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor has always been the least popular Avenger that has his own movie (Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t count here), until now that is. They brought in a new director, they made him more light, they kept Loki on the side all along and there you go, it’s a success.

New Thor gets his hair cut (it’s a process, he cries), gets a new best buddy in both Hulk and Bruce Banner and possibly a new love interest, after Jane left him (good, very good, she did not belong in the MCU). Mark Ruffalo should really get his own movie by this point.

Of course, it’s all about the family drama – Odin decides to join his late wife and dies, but not before telling his sons that they have an evil older sister – Hela, the Goddess of Death. In the comics, she’s actually Loki’s daughter, but the new team is trying really hard to bring Loki around to the good side.

The movie is light, fun, full of comedy and colour. Chris Hemsworth is finally the movie star we all knew he could be, Cate Blanchett is having a lot of fun, and even Idris Elba plays along and shows some muscle.


We also see the other two internet boyfriends, Tom Hiddleston recuperating from the disaster move he made in dating Taylor Swift, and, surprise surprise, Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t think Dr Strange has met any of the Avengers before, has he?

There are a lot of shirtless scenes for the ladies and one that I’m sure is going to make you swoon: Thor tells Loki he would hug him if he were actually there, and Loki replies that he is while proving it at the same time. For the first time ever (SPOILER ahead), the movie ends with the brothers on the same side. Enjoy!