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When summer finally sets in, in late June, I want to go to the cinema to see easy action flicks with good looking people. Yes, I’m shallow like that.

Since I do watch stupid things like Fast and Furious and Baywatch, Overdrive was a good way to spend time at the mall on a very warm Saturday. The thing is, I follow regularly trailer channels on youtube and also IMDb, but I only heard about this one at the cinema, when I saw the trailer before Wonder Woman. Not very marketed.

It’s about cars, not really racing, more like a heist, think The Italian Job. And I did not expect everything to happen in the south of France, which always adds extra points.

You have two brothers and a pretty girl. There’s a second girl in there, but she’s only important in the end and we don’t see enough of her. The brothers are played by Scott Eastwood, fresh from his stint on the last Fast & Furious film, and newcomer Freddie Thorp. I haven’t seen Thorp before, he’s kind of an Andrew Garfield type and manages to deliver the funny lines OK. I did enjoy Eastwood here and I’m not proud of that, from the gossip blogs he comes off as a douchebag.

The girl, Ana de Armas, looks a lot like Emilia Clarke and manages to have an even more annoying voice. Pretty big eyes, but lord, when she starts talking…I’m not sure if she was required to use an accent or if that’s her voice, either way it’s baaad.

The other girl is Gaia Weiss, apparently she was on two shows I’m not watching, Vikings and Outlander. Her I’d like to see more of.

This is a goos heist movie with a lot of nice things to look at, but you should ignore most of the dialogue. It has some cool twists though. Enjoy!