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When summer finally sets in, in late June, I want to go to the cinema to see easy action flicks with good looking people. Yes, I’m shallow like that.

Since I do watch stupid things like Fast and Furious and Baywatch, Overdrive was a good way to spend time at the mall on a very warm Saturday. The thing is, I follow regularly trailer channels on youtube and also IMDb, but I only heard about this one at the cinema, when I saw the trailer before Wonder Woman. Not very marketed.

It’s about cars, not really racing, more like a heist, think The Italian Job. And I did not expect everything to happen in the south of France, which always adds extra points.

You have two brothers and a pretty girl. There’s a second girl in there, but she’s only important in the end and we don’t see enough of her. The brothers are played by Scott Eastwood, fresh from his stint on the last Fast & Furious film, and newcomer Freddie Thorp. I haven’t seen Thorp before, he’s kind of an Andrew Garfield type and manages to deliver the funny lines OK. I did enjoy Eastwood here and I’m not proud of that, from the gossip blogs he comes off as a douchebag.

The girl, Ana de Armas, looks a lot like Emilia Clarke and manages to have an even more annoying voice. Pretty big eyes, but lord, when she starts talking…I’m not sure if she was required to use an accent or if that’s her voice, either way it’s baaad.

The other girl is Gaia Weiss, apparently she was on two shows I’m not watching, Vikings and Outlander. Her I’d like to see more of.

This is a goos heist movie with a lot of nice things to look at, but you should ignore most of the dialogue. It has some cool twists though. Enjoy!

Underworld: Blood Wars


It’s been 13 years since the first Underworld movie, and Kate Beckinsale is back at it, looking gorgeous. I don’t think her shiny black suit has changed at all.  And, since I’m counting, she’s 43 years old. She looks amazing!

The film is nice, with some epic imagery and nice looking actors and costumes. The story is the same as always: vampires and werewolves are fighting each other, only they don’t call them werewolves, but lycans.

Theo James, the hot guy from the Divergent movies, is the leading man, and it seems like he’s being set-up to take over from Kate. Maybe after another movie. There’s the guy who played Arthur in the Merlin series (Bradley James – I kept wondering where I knew him from), Tyrion’s dad (Charles Dance) and the evil dude from Outlander (Tobias Menzies).

Underworld: Blood Wars

Evil dude is called Marius. Marius! “There’s never been someone like Marius before!” Try saying that with a straight face.

The surprising star here is Lara Pulver, playing an ancient vampire called Semira. She has the most amazing dresses, changes them for every scene (even my husband noticed) and has the Eva Green sexy look.

There’s not much left to say, Underworld is not some masterpiece of a film, but an action flick with hot people. Oscar season is coming, there are a lot of sad movies heading our way, so go see the pretty vampires. They even have snow for the season. Enjoy!

The Transporter Refueled

The Transporter Refueled

Au vrut sa refaca franciza cu o noua trilogie, iar asta e primul film din noua serie. Sper sa o duca pana la capat.

Ed Skrein a preluat rolul de la Jason Statham si se descurca destul de bine, si la volan, si la replicile acide. Chiar si la bataie, dar stiam asta deja din Deadpool. In caz ca va intrebati de unde il stiti si nu ati vazut Deadpool (reparati asta acum!), e posibil sa vi-l amintiti ca pe Daario Naharis din Game of Thrones sezonul 2. Au distribuit alt actor sezonul urmator, nu stiu de ce si nici nu prea conteaza, cata vreme niciunul nu are par albastru ca in carte.

The Transporter

Revenind la Transporter, noutatea consta in faptul ca Frank Martin (soferul!) are si un tata, fost spion, interpretat de Ray Stevenson. Frank Martin senior este un mare cuceritor si cere de la fiul sau punctualitate.

The Transporter Refueled pic 3

De data asta, apar si mai multe fete in film. Tinerele sunt hotarate sa scape dintr-o retea de prostitutie detinuta de mafioti rusi, iar pentru asta apeleaza la Frank. Sunt toate actrite necunoscute si cu figuri frumoase, dar neconventionale: Loan Chabanol, Gabriella Wright, Tatiana Pajkivic si Wenxia Yu.

The Transporter Refueled pic 4

Filmul e interesant tocmai pentru ca are altfel de actori si un nou detaliu despre viata tipului din titlu. Criticile au fost dure fara rost, Transporter e un film cu multa actiune si putine povesti, nu o drama de Oscar. Si e chiar bine realizat. Enjoy!

The Giver

The Giver

The Giver e bazat pe prima carte dintr-o serie de 4 carti de tipul young adult, scrise de Lois Lowry. Ca in orice film de acest gen, actiunea are loc intr-o lume post-apocaliptica in care societatea a luat-o razna.

Oamenii au renuntat la emotii si isi ghideaza existenta dupa regulie inpuse de Batrani (Meryl Streep, printre altii). Exista un singur om – The Giver (Jeff Bridges) – care detine toate amintirile omenirii. Acesta trebuie sa le transmita urmatorului detinator – The Receiver.

The Giver

Pentru tinerii considerati adulti se tine o ceremonie in care li se alege cariera. Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) este ales sa fie noul Receiver. Aflam apoi ca fostul Receiver, o fata pe nume Rosemary (Taylor Swift) s-a eliberat (s-a sinucis!) pentru ca a fost coplesita de amintiri.

The Giver Taylor Swift

Treptat, Jonas incepe sa inteleaga de ce. Prietenia lui cu tanara Fiona (Odeya Rusha, o Mila Kunis in miniatura) ii trezeste sentimente care nu sunt “conform legii”.

Cand intelege ca ceremonia de eliberare inseamna practic asasinarea persoanei respective, si ca bebelusul adus in unitatea sa familiala urmeaza sa fie supus acestui proces, decide sa fuga cu el. Scopul lui este sa treaca Dincolo, impartasind astfel amintirile cu restul oamenilor din Comunitate.

The Giver

Mama lui (Katie Holmes) ii descopera planul si informeaza autoritatile. Fiona il ajuta, dar este prinsa si urmeaza sa fie eliberata chiar de tatal lui Jonas (Alexander Skarsgard).

The Giver este cel care ii arata drumul, insa decide sa nu il insoteasca, pentru a-i putea ghida pe oameni cand vor fi coplesiti de emotiile cauzate de amintiri.

The Giver

The Giver mi s-a parut interesant, insa nu destul cat sa citesc cartea. Filmul este destul de bine facut si nu se pierde intre atatea Hunger Games si Divergent cat sa cred ca a fost o pierdere de timp. E mai sensibil si mult mai putin violent. Enjoy!