Justice League

We finally have the Justice League movie we’ve been waiting all our childhood for. DC has tried really, really hard and this is the end result. The movie is enjoyable, I’ll say that much. The big secret was the Superman part, but nobody really thought they could make JLA without him. He’s part of the Holy Trinity after all.

Batman is the driving force behind this, and Ben Affleck is very good as the unlikeable leader and amazing as Bruce Wayne. As Batman, however, he’s a little bit clunky. Bruce was always meant to be older, serious and bulky. The suit, on the other hand, was supposed to make him sleek and lean, which doesn’t happen.

The joy is brought by both Wonder Woman and The Flash. She’s gorgeous and good, he’s the happy kid, bringing by himself the entire comic relief of the story. Aquaman has a scene like this too, but you can’t really make fun of Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo forever!).

The last team mate is Cyborg – cute, yet grumpy, I don’t see a stand-alone movie for him coming any time soon, and that’s really too bad for Ray Fisher.

The next movie is going to be Aquaman, which is good as I didn’t have enough of Amber Heard as Mera (not Queen Mera yet). And Gal Gadot is set to star in the next Wonder Woman. Batman, however, is a big question mark.

What I would really like to see is a new Superman, I think Henry Cavill didn’t get the proper start with the first one. The good thing is that movie gave us is Amy Adams as Lois Lane, here the bring you the much needed humanity of the story.

The worst part about the film is the villain – Steppenwolf – he’s just sooo cheap-looking. If you get past him and some of the places where the battles take place, you can enjoy the better parts of the movie: the good guys, the group of outsiders becoming friends, the need to do better and save the world, which is the soul of the original Justice League. Enjoy! (End-credits spoiled below)

If you wait for the end-credits scene, you’ll find out that Lex Luthor has escaped prison, is still very rich and is starting his own league: The Injustice League (yes, that’s its actual name). The fun part is we get to see the first recruit: Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, looking remarkably similar to the CW one. Here’s to a better villain than Steppenwolf!

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor has always been the least popular Avenger that has his own movie (Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t count here), until now that is. They brought in a new director, they made him more light, they kept Loki on the side all along and there you go, it’s a success.

New Thor gets his hair cut (it’s a process, he cries), gets a new best buddy in both Hulk and Bruce Banner and possibly a new love interest, after Jane left him (good, very good, she did not belong in the MCU). Mark Ruffalo should really get his own movie by this point.

Of course, it’s all about the family drama – Odin decides to join his late wife and dies, but not before telling his sons that they have an evil older sister – Hela, the Goddess of Death. In the comics, she’s actually Loki’s daughter, but the new team is trying really hard to bring Loki around to the good side.

The movie is light, fun, full of comedy and colour. Chris Hemsworth is finally the movie star we all knew he could be, Cate Blanchett is having a lot of fun, and even Idris Elba plays along and shows some muscle.


We also see the other two internet boyfriends, Tom Hiddleston recuperating from the disaster move he made in dating Taylor Swift, and, surprise surprise, Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t think Dr Strange has met any of the Avengers before, has he?

There are a lot of shirtless scenes for the ladies and one that I’m sure is going to make you swoon: Thor tells Loki he would hug him if he were actually there, and Loki replies that he is while proving it at the same time. For the first time ever (SPOILER ahead), the movie ends with the brothers on the same side. Enjoy!


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Sequels are tricky. There are very few that are better than the first movie, and those movies are exceptional – The Godfather and Star Wars the original trilogy. Most sequels are not as good as the first movie, and one reason is the expectation. When the first movie is a surprise hit, like Kingsman The Secret Service was, this is a big issue. And this is why most of the reviews are not that welcoming to the Golden Circle sequel.

Now that we got that out of the way, this movie is really worth your time. It’s action packed, funny, ridiculous when it needs to be and sometimes dramatic. It’s James Bond on crack. Or not, considering that’s a major plot point. It also has an amazing villain in Julianne Moore.

Taron Egerton is perfectly able to carry the movie, he’s likeable, looks cool in any suit, even a velvet orange one, and fits the part of a bad boy turned hero.

Minor spoiler: there’s a cousin organisation in the US and the spies there are played by Magic Mike Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal. Major spoiler after the trailer.

So, they brought back Colin Firth’s character, even though he died in the first movie. Mark Strong’s Merlin has a fabulous death scene here, but….but could they make a trademark out of this and bring him back in the third movie? Pretty pretty please? He’s just too good! Enjoy!


I have not read one single good review about this movie, yet I still went to see it because of the trailer. And I’m glad I did, because Baywatch is the easy-breezy summer comedy you didn’t know you needed.

Think about it – could you watch an episode from the old TV show again? No, because it’s kind of stupid. It’s all about hot people running in slow motion in the sun and doing stuff the police should be doing. If you don’t hold that against them, don’t really look for character development and overlook the plot holes, it’s a great show. Don’t we all need that sometimes?

Plus, it’s led by The Rock, who can do no bad. Zac Efron, newly self-appointed Hollywood douchebag, allows himself to be the jester, which is not a bad place for him at this point in his down-sloping career. And you’ve also got Alexandra Daddario, hot as ever, making googly eyes and playing hard to get.

There are some other hot girls, even one model who used to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s bonafide and yes, I am absolutely holding that against her, and a comic relief fat guy. Given the whole point of the movie, I don’t understand his presence, but it’s one of the things I’m willing to let go.

All the other stupid, yet praised, comedies, like 21 Jump Street and Pitch Perfect, are not better than this one. Yet, the critics chose to dismiss it. You shouldn’t, it’s fun and it totally deserves a sequel. Enjoy!

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